Sky Easy Drill

EasyDrill: Most Versatile + Flexible Drill On The Market


Most versatile drill on the market

Can work direct into a cover crop or stubble as well as into a cultivated field and will perform reliably and consistently through difficult weather.

Models available:

3m & 4m gravity fed

4m & 6m air

Separate seed and fertiliser outlets

Separate seed fertiliser outlets

  • Separate outlet pipes mean if the fertilizer clogs drilling continues.
  • ADS head gives ability to shut off individual outlets when required eg
  • Allows wider rows to be drilled or alternating rows can be drilled with different crops.
3 hoppers / 2 depths

Separate seed and fertiliser outlets

Multiple hoppers and dual-depth outlets allow multiple species cover crops to be accurately metered and placed and also allows fertiliser application with a spring sown cash.

Ability to seed 3 products at two different depths at the same time eg:

grain, fertiliser and companion crop

grain, fertiliser and slug pellet

different species requiring different depth positions eg beans and clover

Depth control

Depth Control Easy Drill

Effective depth control results from the disc coulters position mid-way between the front depth and rear press wheels. 

Increase or decrease pressure by distributing weight (250kg/disc) between the front depth wheel, disc coulter and rear press wheel disc according to conditions:

  • Damp – transfer the weight to the front
  • Dry – increase the pressure on the rear cast iron press wheels.
Minimal disturbance

Sky Coulter Design

Based on the successful Moore drill coulter design with a leading depth gauge wheel, serrated disc with a skim coulter, followed by two metal press wheels. It is a true minimal disturbance drill with its disc coulter running at between 3.5 and 1.5 degrees to the direction of travel. 

All in the detail

Sky Easy Drill Detail

As well as top notch functionality, Sky EasyDrills have:

A separate transport axle allows for comfortable and safe road transport.

4m and 6m models can be folded in two parts, allowing easy access to the discs and making emptying the hopper straight-forward. 

Easy access to steps, platform and metering unit

The paint process is undertaken by a major fertiliser spreader manufacturer ensuring a durable and high quality finish.

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